Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum Awnings

Aluminum Awnings are Beautiful Energy Savers

Aluminum awnings, professionally installed on your windows and doors, shield your windows from the direct rays of the sun, which keeps your home cooler in summer. They also add protection from rain, snow and wind to add extra life to your window frames. Aluminum awnings are precision fabricated with low-maintenance materials. They are a solid investment you will appreciate for many years. They come in a variety of colors, so you may select aluminum awnings that add an exciting dimension to your home’s décor.

* This product is not available as an Easy Awning

An aluminum awning makes a superb door canopy. The maintenance free baked-on enamel finish of our aluminum awning will not chip, peel or crack. All aluminum awnings from Craft-Bilt are white underneath for maximum light reflection.

Craft-Bilt features two styles - stationary and roll-up. Whichever you choose, our aluminum awnings are sturdy, made to last a lifetime. Every aluminum awning is custom made for you, permanently installed on your doors, windows or storefront. There is no storage cost - you get year-round protection and comfort!



Our aluminum awnings carry a Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty from Craft-Bilt Manufacturing Company - we’ve been making aluminum awnings for more than 60 years! They are guaranteed for 10 years not to chip, peel or crack under normal conditions.

Aluminum Awning Benefits

  • Aluminum awnings on your windows keep your home cooler
  • Aluminum awnings over your doors protect you and your visitors from the elements and keep your entryway dry
  • Aluminum awnings for your business lend a distinctive appearance, and can be painted with your commercial logo, business name and street address for easy recognition
  • A properly sized aluminum awning can control the heat of the summer sun, yet let warm rays stream in during winter when the sun is positioned lower in the sky


For additional information about Craft-Bilt Aluminum Awnings, please contact us for a full color brochure and a list of aluminum awning dealers near you.

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